Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pirate Post #2

Yesterday in my Week Ending post I shared a photo that I think captures the Pirate's personality. Here's something of his that conveys it much better:

Somewhere inside me is the love of Jesus, a machine gun, and an Eskimo Pie.

Somewhere in this wonderful clutter is a undeveloped librarian,
Knowledgably arranging endless facts so other may apply them.
Also a logger, plaid, sweating, getting things razor sharp
For a good day’s work. Sometimes teacher, sometimes the grandfather,
Sometimes a novice sailor. Some kind of
Mark Twain, Steve Wozniac, Euell Gibbons guy
That preaches Ezekiel to the neighborhood dogs,
Though they seldom repent.

Going somewhere, almost certainly important
To be interested and involved with characters who aren’t.
So let his music blare, let the ice cream melt, there on the floor.
Keep that machine gun welded and by all means
Let the love of Jesus flow.

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