Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week Ending 20 de Julio

The last day of the past week and the first day of the current one - the tipping point between one unit of time and the next, like midnight or New Year's Eve. For me the Week Ending theme provides a bridge, smoothes out the passage of time, reduces its claim for our attention and service to it. That's probably why I was drawn to Wanda's link-up.

So here's what we did with time (not ours, really, is it?) this weekend as we hosted the Pirate's sister and her husband who are visiting us for a week, trying to discern whether our part of Mexico might be a good fit for them when they retire. On Saturday we went to the nearby city to give them a sense of what's available there and to get some supplies that aren't available in our town.

We went to "el centro", where the town plaza and cathedral are. My favorite store is on one side of the plaza. We call it the "five and dime" store, because it reminds us of the old Woolworth's or Kresge's stores of our youth. It has saddle soap, yarn, school supplies, neckerchiefs, purses, craft supplies, reading glasses, swiss army knives, and much more.

We had lunch at our favorite restaurant in the city, where I managed to capture the essence of the Pirate's personality in a photo.

After mass on Sunday we went to lunch one of the many restaurants in our town. The palapa (palm roof) of this restaurant is particularly impressive.

We ended the day with a walk around the barrio (neighborhood) at dusk. Lovely!

Life in the slow lane without any "have to's" is wonderfully refreshing, no?

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