Saturday, August 3, 2013

3 Reasons, vol. 5

Glory hallelujah! It's time for a new segment of "3 Reasons Why I Love Catholicism"!

This is something that is available to all christians, of course, but so many non-Catholics believe that the Catholic Church makes things hard for people, when the opposite is the case. The Church doesn't have many rules, and they're all pretty basic: be baptized to wash away your sins; be confirmed to receive the full graces of the Holy Spirit; don't forsake the gathering of the faithful - attend mass every Sunday; recognize your calling as the solemn and glorious thing that it is, whether it is to serve God through marriage or celibacy. All of those are things that anyone who "loves the Lord their God with all their heart, mind and strength" would have no quarrel with.

The Catholic Church is so ancient and so big that she has developed innumerable ways of helping her children to grow in faith. Are you visual? All the centuries of art/images created to help people to reflect on biblical stories and the truths of the faith are there for you. Do you have an inquiring mind? The many books written by brilliant philosophers and apologists and theologians can help you to understand the "why's" of the faith (the links take you to some who are speaking to our current culture, and there are many more that I could point you to). Do you want help in studying the bible? (BTW all of the New Testament was written by people whose concept of "church" was the same as the Catholic Church today - check out the writings of the Church Fathers) There are innumerable Catholic Bible studies / commentaries / Bible meditations to choose from - here's a place to start. Do you want to pray better? The riches of prayer in the Church are endless! (contact me if you want some guidance on where to start looking). Do you just want help in learning how to be a saint? One great resource among too many to mention is the Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction website. Or read This book with stories of many saints who are our role models. No matter what kind of circumstances you find yourself in, there are saints who've been there and whose lives show how to be overcomers. I could keep this list going, but it would be hundreds of pages long. Suffice it to say, there are many types of help available to strengthen your relationship with God. All you need is the desire!

Probably what has amazed me the most in coming into the Catholic Church is that now I know what is the glory of the inheritance that God has for us: it looks like Mary. What He has in store for us, He has already given to Mary. To learn what the Church has taught from the most ancient times, and is still held in the Catholic, Orthodox and Coptic churches is to be struck dumb in wonder at the love God has for us and the incomprehensible truth of what it means that He wants to share His glory with us.

And here's something fascinating I found about muslims honoring Mary. Amazing!

For more reasons to love the Catholic Church (whether or not you need any), head on over to Micaela's at California to Korea and Back (a great blog by the way - you should definitely subscribe!).

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