Sunday, August 4, 2013

Week Ending 3 de Agosto

After last weekend, we were glad that this one was so quiet. There were special masses every day from the previous Friday through Wednesday, meaning that the Pirate was playing with the music team every evening. This Thursday, when there was nothing special going on, both the Pirate & I remarked that it felt like Saturday. Same thing the next day - it still felt like Saturday; and of course Saturday felt like Saturday, so we experienced a very LONG, relaxing weekend.

We went to the city (La Paz) on Friday to check out the long-term parking situation at the airport, since we're flying out of La Paz on Tuesday to go to mainland Mexico. We hadn't been to that airport in 5 years and didn't know what type of long-term parking is available, so we checked it out ahead of time. Then we went to a favorite restaurant of ours near the cathedral...

...where we had guacamole with fried grasshoppers! I neglected to take a picture, but it wouldn't have mattered because you couldn't tell that they were grasshoppers anyway. They were sort of shredded and looked a lot like dried shredded chiles. They had a really nice flavor which went well with the guacamole.

We strolled back to the car through the plaza next to the church, where the Pirate sat down to wait for me to stop taking photos of the cathedral.

Here's what I was taking pictures of:

It's actually quite small - no bigger than our parish church in our small town. But it was built a couple of hundred years ago when La Paz was smaller than our town was.

We spent Saturday basically just lying around reading (and of course I was crocheting something too). We had some friends over for dinner and I finally got to use my wood cook stove - a real boon when the weather is hot, because using the gas stove in the house really heats the house up.

Sunday after mass we enjoyed the cool weather outside and read most of the day. Here's a picture of me in my church clothes - sort of a WIWS non-linkup. Pretty bright, huh? But hey, it's Mexico!

And for a great ending to the weekend, we went to the festival that was being held in the park and surrounding roads in our neighborhood, two blocks from our house.

We walked down about 8pm, which was pretty early - very few people were there. Things don't start hopping until it's dark around here.

There were rides for the kids as well as carnie games and lots of food.

There was a band playing ranchero music (the local style) which always has an accordian in the band, which I love. We sat and listened to the music, but left before the real entertainment began (described as "cultural entertainment" by the emcee). We got home about 9:45 and the festival activities were just getting started!

To see what the ever-gracious Wanda and others did over the weekend, stroll on over to Reinventing Mother - Wanda's blog and a great place to hang out, especially if you love flowers, as I do!

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