Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5 Favorites: My Colorful Life

Linking up with the Hallie and the gang at Moxie Wife for Five Favorites. This week I'm celebrating all the colorful things that are part of my life which I had no part in making so colorful.

[1] EGG CARTONS. All egg cartons down here are this happy shad of fuchsia. How can you not love eggs when they come in packaging like that? Actually, after tortillas and beans, eggs are the most common ingredient in meals down here.

[2] THIS BOX OF TISSUES. If they would just keep offering the same pattern on tissue boxes I'd be ecstatic. But I haven't seen this in the stores recently, only depressingly pale patterns, dull enough to make you come down with a cold just looking at them.

[3] THESE SHOPPING BAGS. Everyone who sees them is fascinated. What's super cool about them is that I can fit 4 of them in my purse (and I don't have a very large purse!). They are sold at most of the high-end grocery stores in NorCal.

[4] THESE BLANKETS. Okay, I suppose you could say that I'm at least partly responsible for this because I chose to put the blankets there, but I didn't choose the blankets themselves - they all just showed up at my house over the years - and I don't have anywhere else to put extra blankets, so here they all are!

[5] THIS CEMETERY. I know, strange choice for a "favorite thing", especially one based on color. But as you can see, Mexicans don't stint on color in the event of death; instead color is one way to celebrate the eternal life that death is only the door into. This is the "old cemetery" in town, but the new one is just as colorful. I took the photo from the front yard of a good friend of ours, and he told me that the large pink tomb is where a war heroine from the Mexican Revolution is buried. She was a famous army commander in that war and a native of our town. They call her "La Coronela".

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