Wednesday, June 19, 2013

{p,h,f,r} - Animals edition

I told my granddaughters about {pfhr} and that I was looking for pretty, happy, funny and real things to post about. We came up with the idea of focusing on some (not all) of their animals to cover the bases this time, so without further ado:


This is Banana, one of several parakeets the girls have. When I suggested that we take a picture of one of the parakeets, the youngest granddaughter opened the cage and let out a couple of them, but wasn't able to get one to stay on her hand. She's got a lot of energy and the birds get nervous around her. Her older sister, however, is a whiz with animals. She's very calm which all the animals can sense and it makes them feel safe. So we got a photo of Banana next to the painting by the bird cage, since Banana's color goes so well with the painting.


The youngest granddaughter just got a new kitten, Ivy Rose, because her other cat got squooshed. Both she and the kitten are happy to be together.


This is a breed of rabbit called a Lion's Mane. This particular rabbit's name is Mr. Tumnus. This is the only photo of him where you can actually see that he's an animal and not just a disheveled clump of fur. My granddaughter (the calm one) has rabbits of other breeds which she can show at the county fair (she's in 4H, as are all her sisters), but for some reason the Lion's Mane breed doesn't qualify for showing. Maybe it's because it would be hard for the judges to tell which end is up.


This is Toby. He's 16 years old. We joke about our daughter-in-law running an old dog's home because they have 3 very old dogs (the other 2 are labs), and no young dogs (at least not currently). Toby is the oldest of the bunch.

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