Friday, November 8, 2013

A simple woman's daybook for November

I know, I'm a bit late on this linkup but I got mixed up on what day the linkup starts every month. Ah well, there's always next month to get my act together! Please check out the rest of the linkers at A Simple Woman's Daybook as well.


Outside my window…I am sitting on our terrazzo (covered patio) looking out at the Pacific Ocean, which is about a mile away. Our house is on a hill, so we have a perfect view for watching pangas (small fishing boats) and whales go by. The warm breeze which is so common to our hill is blowing gently, causing the leaves of the palm leaves to dance.

I am hearing…the sound of the breeze in the leaves of our palapa (palm leaf roof) and in the ferns that surround me on our terrazzo.

I am thinking…about how satisfying it is to encourage others. It makes my day when an opportunity arises to do that.

I am thankful…for being retired…for the gift of living in small-town Mexico with its family- and God-friendly culture…for a faith community that has accepted us as family, even though we're extranjeros.

In the kitchen…my husband is doing something on the computer. We'll be getting something from a taqueria to eat in mid-afternoon for the main meal of the day today, since I leave at 4:00 to go with a ministry team to one of the small farming communities nearby and do the mass there. Then it's back to our town just in time to make it to mass at the main church, and after that the asamblea de Renovacion (prayer and praise meeting). my husband is on the music team that plays both for mass and for the praise meeting afterward, and we don't generally get home until 9:30 or so, which is why we eat early on Fridays!

I am wearing…a light green cami, light cotton loose-fittin pants (dark green and dark blue pattern), and a dark blue cotton jacketish thing - short sleeved - which I call a modesty top.

I am creating…a "modesty top" in fuchsia colored fingering weight yarn (crocheted). Almost done, thank goodness! I wear a lot of modesty tops because I don't want to simply wear cami's and we're still having "cami weather" here.

I am going…to every group in the church this coming week to get signups for the 27 hour prayer vigil we're having on November 22nd and 23rd, to mark the end of the Year of Faith that started October 12, 2012. Catholic churches throughout the world have been focusing for the past year on understanding what it means to live out our faith in Jesus and His sacrifice for us.

I am wondering…how to deepen my ties with my grandchildren, all of whom live over 1000 miles from me. I'm moving forward on this, and expecting more insight from God as I go along.

I am reading…"The Cloud of Unknowing", a christian classic by an unknown author written several hundred years ago. It's about the ultimate mystery of God that we must face - the reality that rightly causes us to fall on our faces before Him in awe. This is a path that few christians are willing to go down; it's too terrifying, really. But it is a true aspect of Almighty God, who though for our sakes He has clothed Himself in the aspect of a lamb, yet is still a lion - and not a tame one at that.

I am hoping…that I'll be able to have the prayer vigil sign-ups completed by the time our priest gets back from taking the catechists on a pilgrimage to mainland Mexico, a week from now.

I am looking forward to…being with our whole family for Thanksgiving in lovely Santa Barbara, California.

I am learning…(WAYYY too slowly) how to keep from automatically thinking that my opinions are the TRUTH.

Around the house…are the plants I love, each one lovingly planted by me since we built our house 4 years ago. I just picked some figs yesterday from our single fig plant - I need to plant more, because I want more figs!

I am pondering…why our culture elevates "multitasking" to a virtue. It robs us of peace and clarity and all it provides in return is (presumably) productivity. But what benefit does more productivity offer? It's a hamster wheel, my friends!

A favorite quote for today…"For you were called to freedom, brethren" (Gal. 5:13). So says St. Paul in the letter to the Galatians. God calls us to freedom. But instead of being given to us instantaneously and in full measure, this freedom is built up progressively and patiently day by day, by being faithful to God's calls. - Father Jacques Philippe, "Called to Life"

One of my favorite things…is our Pope:

A few plans for the rest of the week: Since it's Friday, my plans are focused on the weekend. Doing laundry, watering the plants, working on my crocheting project, extended time for prayer, and whatever surprises present themselves.

A peek into my day…here's where I'm sitting:


  1. Enjoying the ocean view sounds wonderful! Have a blessed week :)

    1. Thanks, Alana! BTW, I love your blogs - how do you manage to keep them all active at once?


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