Monday, November 18, 2013

Week Ending 16 noviembre

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We had a very satisfying weekend. It started on Friday in the late afternoon when I was returning with the ministry team from the small farming communities we serve. The largest mountain near us (at 7000ft) was wrapped in clouds, both above and below its peak, and as we were zooming down the freeway I had to try to take a photo - it was SO beautiful, and the full moon was in view as well!

Mountains and sky, O bless the Lord; to Him be highest glory and praise forever!

Great news: I finally finished my modesty top!

Notice my right arm? That's the one that is still recovering from rotator cuff injuries from power knitting. I can now lift it this high! YAY!

I made more mistakes with this project than any other that I've ever done (I'm pretty perfectionistic!) but happily they don't show. I'm learning to relax about things and not allow the small details to take over my perspective.

Saturday the Pirate and I drove out to Las Matanzas, one of the small communities I visit every week with the team. I wanted the Pirate to see this beautiful area.

The area is one of farms and ranches. I'm not sure what crops they grow in these large fields, although we've seen sage (the herb) being grown under shade cloth on one of the farms.

First we drove down to the end of the road, to the community of Meliton. There are always lots of cattle (from the ranchos) along the side of the road, so you have to be careful in driving, since you never know when you'll meet up with a cow crossing the road.

This is the entrance to Meliton. The town reminds us of some of the small farming communities of (Alta) California.

There is a large aquifer fed by the nearby mountains which is how this area gets its water. The mountains get more annual rain than Seattle, so the water supply is generous.

Matanzas isn't really a town. There is an area where the chapel, the school and the "House of Health" (where the visiting doctor does exams) are located. There is a small grocery store about 2 miles away, near the road to Meliton (which is much bigger, maybe 500 people).

This is a typical fence around these parts.

After our return from our drive, I decided to make some sweet potato brownies to use up the last of the sweet potatoes that the Pirate had harvested several weeks ago. There was no flour in the recipe since I have a gluten sensitivity. I put a bunch of chocolate bits and pecans in them and they turned out quite tasty!

I won't be doing a Week Ending post next week since we'll be on the road, driving 1250 miles to Santa Barbara, California for Thanksgiving with the family. I hope your Thanksgiving is as wonderful as ours promises to be!


  1. I love you top! A very becoming color for you!

  2. What a quaint but pretty and peaceful-looking chapel... and your modesty top is pretty, too! Have a safe trip and a happy celebration.

  3. Oooops, that was Marcia, not Marc.

  4. Thanks, Marcia. The chapel is unusual in that it has a metal roof and adobe walls. I tried to get a picture of that, but couldn't get the correct angle.


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