Monday, February 17, 2014

Pirate Post - Ode to an Eskimo Pie

It's been awhile since I did a Pirate Post. I love my husband's poetry, and I'm sure that others would love it too if they had the opportunity to read it. I've recently been reflecting on how much there is for me to learn from him (after 45 years!) and this poem does a good job of communicating his great delight in everything and everyone that I want to have as well.


Somewhere inside me is the love of Jesus, a machine gun, and an Eskimo Pie.

Somewhere in this wonderful clutter is an undeveloped librarian
Knowledgeably arranging endless facts so others may apply them.
Also a logger: plaid, sweaty, getting things razor sharp
For a good day's work. Sometimes the teacher, sometimes the grandfather,
Sometimes a novice sailor. Some kind of
Mark Twain, Steve Wozniak, Ewell Gibbons kind of guy
Who preaches Ezekiel to the neighborhood dogs,
Though they seldom repent.

Going somewhere, almost certainly important
To be interested and involved with characters who aren't.
So let his music blare; let the ice cream melt, there on the floor.
Keep that machine gun welded and by all means
Let the love of Jesus flow.


  1. I definitely enjoyed the straightforward style and rhythm of the poem! What an interesting and busy life! And you've been right there beside him for 45 years :-)

  2. Thanks friends! I keep telling my DH that he has a gift with words, but he's too humble to believe it.


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