Thursday, February 27, 2014

Daybook, February 27

The Daybook is a networking linkup hosted by Jenny at Plain Grace. It is a way of sharing the small, simple things of our lives. If you would like to participate or see what others are saying, click here.

PRAYING FOR..Christie at Everything to Someone who is moving to Wales next week to join her husband there; Jen at ::Meditatio:: who is going through a difficult time of testing; Maia at From Little Hands who is starting a new business to help her family save money for their own place to live (right now the family is living with her parents-in-law); Laura at Laura Elizabeth's Corner that God would work a miracle in her family.

PONDERING..the many things I have been learning about myself as a result of praying that God would let me see myself as I really am.

READING.. An Unexciting Life by Michael Casey, a trappist monk and scholar. I've done a couple of posts based on passages from this book, which is an amazingly rich read.

LISTENING TO..nothing right now, but the last thing I listened to was Ofra Harnoy playing Vivaldi cello concertos.

PREPARING FOR..our trip to the U.S. in two weeks. We're going to see the family and prepare our cabin for our son and his wife to move into while they remodel their house.

FROM THE's nightime so nothing's happening right now, but for dinner we had polenta with chicharrones in a tomato-tequila sauce, and green beans with garlic. The beans were fresh picked from our vegetable garden.

LOOK WHAT I excellent commentary on the what's ailing American culture by Monsignor Charles Pope, who always has something thoughtful to share on his blog.

And to give your eyes something to feast on, here's a photo of some passion fruit from our passion fruit arbor. We have 2 vines which cover an arbor that is 20 feet long and 5 feet wide, and they give us passion fruits all year long.


  1. I appreciate the prayers.

    I opened the Vivaldi concertos in another window so I could listen to them. My taste in classical music is definitely pre-1800 and especially Baroque composers like Vivaldi and Bach.

  2. Ah, another pre-1800s fan! Baroque especially, or eras before that are all great.

  3. Dinner sounds excellent! With passion fruit for dessert?
    That's a long trek back "home." Do you do it in one long drive, or make stops along the way?


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