Friday, April 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes, vol. 1

Oh boy! Now I'm in the big leagues, posting on 7 Quick Takes!

[1] I cut my left index finger really deeply yesterday while I was pruning a vine. I wrapped the finger in gauze & tape and now I'm afraid to change the bandage or take a shower because I'm a BIG wuss when it comes to looking at wounds of any kind.

[2] Although we finally got my wood cook stove - which doubles as our outdoor grill - set up we've only used it once since it's been so windy and cool in the evenings.

[3] What's with the weather anyway? I've been reading about how long and cold the winter was up in the States, and now we have had this seemingly unending cool weather here in my corner of Mexico. For me, that means wearing sweaters every day and having a blanket on the bed (both unusual for this time of year). For native Mexicans, it's a matter of getting out the polar jackets!

[4] I've totally changed the way I cook since I got this book. Now once a week I cook up a big pot of beans & another of rice, I roast a bunch of vegetables, and I'm ready for the week! Putting together pre-cooked items is quick and yet allows for last-minute creativity. I LOVE this book!

[5] I'm finding that just living here in Mexico has changed my color sense. I'm one of those people who is highly color-oriented. For example, all my notes are written in different-colored sharpies, on different-colored post-its. When we lived in the States, I was really comfy with my muted color combinations, both in our home and in my clothes. Now those colors seem too washed out, and I'm using brighter colors. This is a bought sweater that I am doing duplicate stitching on to get some color happening.

[6] WHOOPEE! I just found out that I WAAAY over-withheld on my taxes last year and we're going to get a big refund!

[7] Boy, SEVEN things is a lot, even if they're quick! I feel like I've just run a half-marathon (and I'm not even a runner!). I hope I get better at this!

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  1. I'm a color junkie...can't imagine what would happen if I spent time in Mexico!

  2. Anna, I am so jealous you live in Mexico. Where are you? I lived in Mexico (and Spain) for a short time in college, and I ache to move back. I taught Spanish for 7 years before leaving to stay home with my kids and I really miss both the language and culture.

  3. I love your stove, and I'm going to have to look out for that cookbook! I'm pretty much eating 'fake' subway sandwiches every day.

    1. Sarah -
      From looking at the photos on your blog of your beautiful place, I imagined that you were a "wood stove" kinda girl! That cookbook really freed me up in the kitchen - I think you'll love it.


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