Thursday, April 25, 2013

{p,h,f,r} vol.4


I was inspired to create a home altar by the photos that Sarah posted at her blog Faithworks. The wood statue was carved by my mother-in-law, who was one of my favorite people. The papers in it have the names of people I'm currently praying for. The framed picture is Our Lady Untier of Knots, which I love. The altar still seems to be needing something (flowers? candles?) but I suppose that the right things will present themselves as time goes along. I'm up for suggestions if anyone has any!


We just had this area of our property fenced in so the dogs will stop digging up plants, and I immediately went out and bought 3 fig plants to put in there. I love mission figs, and I'm hoping that by having 3 plants the birds will leave at least some of the fruit for us!


Our son (the one who lives in the forest with his family) decided it was time to turn over the soil in the vegetable garden in preparation for planting. So he took his excavator down there and REALLY did a thorough job!


The Pirate and I were reviewing our storage situation the other day and it became evident that having a single drawer to keep my yarn in is no longer an option. In our last house I had an entire wall of storage as well as a whole closet for my yarn. Most of that yarn went to my forest granddaughters when we moved (they all knit). But of course a yarn addict collects yarn wherever she goes, and I've bought yarn down here without having any specific project in mind. Unfortunately I've only been able to find one type of yarn in the entire state (knitting isn't a major activity here in Mexico). It's acrylic and polyester, fingering weight (which makes sense since it's really too hot down here for heavier weight yarns). Fortunately the colors this yarn comes in are DELICIOUS! Thus the excess yarn. I'm hoping that the Pirate will take pity on me soon and make some dividers to turn part of our bedroom bookcase into a yarn storage area.

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  1. That photo of your granddaughter cracks me up. My dad just loves to putt around his 40 acres on his tractor and he always gives us rides. :) Your altar is very pretty, too!


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