Thursday, April 4, 2013

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(By the way, how do you make the headings centered?)

This is a shot of some trees at the north end of our town. The first time we came here I was amazed at how green the town is, since it's surrounded by desert. It's a real oasis, watered by underground springs from the nearby mountains where the annual rainfall is often higher than that of Seattle!


Here are two of our grandchildren surfing at a local beach. They were so thrilled to be able to go to the beach almost every day while they were here!


This isn't current, but I want to tell the story. One morning several years ago when we were living in a rented place in a different part of town, we woke up to a loud "moooooo" almost in our ears! When we looked out the open window, this is what we saw - our new next door neighbor. For the next 2 months this cow was our alarm clock every morning, then one day someone came and took her up to a rancho in the mountains and we had to go back to waking up on our own again.


This is the entrance to our church, which is where I'm headed right now for eucharistic adoration and confession (I love Thursdays!)

Nos vemos!

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