Thursday, April 11, 2013

{p,h,f,r} vol. 2

This is the Plants Edition:


I love the color of these bougainvilleas. We have several different bougainvilleas on our property, but this one causes my heart to sing every time I see it. It's outside my kitchen window, so I have plenty of opportunities to enjoy it throughout the day.


These are baby mangos. This mango tree was one of the first things we planted when we finished our house 4 years ago. The tree is only 4 feet high, but it's got a lot of baby mangos on it this year! Our town is famous for its mango trees, and when it's mango season there is so MUCH fruit dropping from trees everywhere that a lot of it is given to the horses/cows/goats, and a lot left to rot. BUT, we are excited to have our own mangos just 20 feet from our house! And eventually the tree will get quite large and give shade as well.


Sorry I couldn't figure out how to get a better picture of this, but it's a cactus that acts like a vine. It's managed to attach itself to the wall behind our house sign and is heading for the post so it can get onto the roof!


For the last couple of months it's been "leaf drop" season. I still don't understand how plant cycles work down here - why would they drop their leaves when they're getting watered and the weather is coolish but not cold (mid-60s to mid-70s in the day and low 60s at night)? But it happens here, not just with our plants, so right now we've got a nearly naked poinciana. Happily, it's already starting to grow new leaves so perhaps in a couple of months it will look pretty again.

I hope that you are enjoying seeing what our little corner of Mexico is like. For more lovely places and people, go see
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  1. that is a fascinating cactus! Wish I could have a mango tree in my yard. . .

    1. The flora are definitely different down here! Lots to learn...What kinds of trees are in your area?


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