Saturday, April 6, 2013

Five Favorites, Vol. 1

Wow! I'm actually joining the blog community with this post! Here are five favorites for you all:

(1) My new #1 FAVORITE SAINT: Sta. Francesca de Roma (or more often seen as St. Frances of Rome). She's the saint for all you married women out there! She was happily married for 40 years. Here's a great link to her life story:

(2) My community - I LOVE the small town I live in, a large portion of whom are active in the life of our parish. Here's a picture of the outskirts of our town with the moon rising over the mountains.

(3) Sunsets in Mexico! We took this picture from our front door.

(4) My family, and especially my wonderful husband, Red Dog the Pirate (in the back on the left).

(5) Our crazy dogs, the Wiggle Twins. The human in the picture is our oldest granddaughter who courageously decided to come stay with us for two months this spring. The good part is that she's learning spanish. The strange part is that she (a Baptist) is having to get used to all the "smells and bells" IN SPANISH at our church! The hard part is that she has to put up with her weird grandparents! (Not much about the dogs, but oh well).

For more fascinating and funny favorites, go to Hallie's blog

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  1. Old Red Dog (retired) Pirate checking in, here. Looks OK and pretty.


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