Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Daybook for September 10th

I know that the blog The Simple Woman's Daybook only does linkups once a month, but I so love the structure that calls us to awareness and gratitude that I'm going to use it for my post today.

Outside my window...since I am lying on the banco (built-in sofa) of my "outdoor house", I am "outside my window", but what I am looking at is a sky that is a perfect shade of blue with small fluffy white clouds scattered along the edges. This view is framed by the palm branches of our palapa roof.

I am hearing...the phone ring in the house, which I am not going to answer.

I am thinking...about how blessed I am, even when I have to set aside things I love to do because my shoulder hurts so much.

I am thankful...that our house is situated to catch every breeze that comes off the ocean. It's always pleasant here, even when it's hot in the rest of town.

In the kitchen...I had planned to make stuffed squash for dinner with a couple of globe squash from our garden, but that would be difficult with an arm sling on, and besides we just had a late lunch of beef tacos from a favorite taqueria in town so we're not likely to be hungry enough to eat a real dinner tonight before David goes to mass and music practice.

I am creating...thoughts in my head since I can't work with my hands until my shoulder heals. I'm hoping this will season of "thought creativity" will help me to clarify my hopes and direction for this blog (yep, I'm still trying to figure that one out).

I am going...to enjoy this time of relaxation rather than grumping over the time that I'm "wasting".

I am wondering...why people are so often afraid of God (and therefore studiously ignore Him) - life is so much more full on every level when you turn your heart toward Him.

I am reading...Spanish Recognitions by Mary Lee Settle. Her book Turkish Reflections is one of my all-time favorite books, and Spanish Recognitions is similar. Both describe the spirit of a place, woven in with its story and its current social landscape.

I am hoping...that we'll have more rain before the rainy season is over. Our plants are SOOO happy right now - new leaves and flowers everywhere!

I am learning...the joy that comes from simply accepting life as it comes. No more arguing with the husband to prove I know what I'm talking about; no more frustration when situations don't progress the way I think they should; no more feeling sorry for myself when I can't do what I want. Life is so precious, regardless of the details.

I am pondering...the mystery of how so often we can be completely surrounded by grace and be unaware of it.

A favorite quote for today..."We must have definite lines; but not because definite lines are the things which restrain humanity. It is because definite lines are the things which distinguish humanity." - G.K. Chesterton

One of my favorite things...is contemplating the great tenderness that the Creator of the universe has for us.

A peek into my day...So far today I've had 3 significant phone conversations in which I was able to give encouragement and rejoice with those who have reason to rejoice. We went to town to see the advisor who processes our residency paperwork, but she didn't show up, so we did some errands, got some tacos and came back to our welcoming home.

Here are 2 native plants that are considered weeds. The one with the silver leaves is called "incienso" because in times past it was used as incense, and the pink one is "san miguelito" or coral vine. I have a native plant garden below our patio that I planted them in. They're too beautiful to be mere "weeds"....grace everywhere you look....

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