Wednesday, September 25, 2013

{p,h,f,r} September in Baja Sur

I'm finally getting it together after too many weeks of not remembering to link up with Leila et al over at Like Mother, Like Daughter for
round button chicken

We have had great weather down here all summer - cooler than usual, even days with morning fog! We had some good rain, although we could use another storm or two before the end of the season. Desert plants undergo the most amazing transformation with even a small amount of rain, and my desert garden at the front of the house looks better than I have ever seen it.

After several cancellations (unexpected funeral masses, etc.), Padre (our parish priest) came out to our house on Monday to teach me how to make salsa with chicharrones. I'll be putting up a post with the recipe and pictures in the next day or two, but here's a teaser photo of him putting salt in the mixture.

We just got a seminary student to help in our parish, and it looks like he'll be staying for a year, which is longer than any of the prior students the bishop has sent. He'll be ordained as a deacon in January, which will be a huge help to Padre, who does not only daily mass but 5 masses every Sunday (and of course all funeral and wedding masses) all by himself! And of course that doesn't include everything else he does for us. We have a real saint in our midst, for which I am deeply grateful to God.

Anyway, Padre and the seminarian, Martin, will be coming for lunch on Sunday (there's just enough time between 2 masses to squeeze in a meal) and Padre is bringing chicken tinga, which he'll make on Saturday. He promised to teach me how to make it later, when he has more time. Estoy MUY dichoso! (I am VERY happy), especially that we have a seminarian-soon-to-be-deacon to help Padre.

I'm not sure what she thought was so funny, but here's Quila (short for Tranquila, which she isn't) laughing at something. Well, at least it looks to me like she's laughing!

As you hordes of regular readers will know, I have a rotator cuff injury that is preventing me from:
1. cooking
2. knitting (I had to put aside my latest project when it was 2/3 done)
3. making the bed
4. hanging the laundry on the line to dry
5. washing the dishes
6. washing my hair
and on, and on, and on

My amazing husband with a servant's heart has picked up all the slack (except for the knitting!). I am deeply blessed by having such a godly man to take care of me. He is - and has always been - a model of how I want to be.

Mil gracias, mi querido!

Now amble on over to Like Mother, Like Daughter for more tales from blogland.

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  1. What a beautiful desert garden you have, and I love the rock work. We just finished putting in some rock-scape at our home.

    What an amazing priest you have; he reminds me a lot of our holy priest who carries a heavy load. Prayers for all our priests!

    Looking forward to your posts on the delicious dishes you and Padre will share.

    Vaya con Dios and prayers for your rotator cuff injury!

    btw - are you a lefty?


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