Monday, September 23, 2013

Week Ending 21 de septiembre

It was another quiet weekend here. The most noteworthy thing was the weather - we've been having lovely coolish days, just like late September in Alta California. Highly unusual for Baja Sur, where September and October are generally as hot as it gets (which in our town would be the mid-90s) and muggy. We've had high fog the past few mornings which is slow to burn off, and even then the breeze from the fog keeps the temperature in the mid-70s.

I spent most of the weekend reading, since I'm still unable to use my right arm for much due to a rotator cuff injury. This means that the beloved Pirate (my husband) has had to take over many of the areas that I'm generally responsible for. The one thing we haven't quite figured out how to deal with yet is cooking. So far we've been eating out a lot more than usual (mostly at taquerias). Saturday night we went to one of our favorite restaurants, which is expensive enough that we don't go there often. However, I was in the mood for sushi, and was willing to use a good portion of the week's budget to have some. Happily the owner, a neighbor of ours, was there when we arrived and he offered us some free sashimi (a new combination he had just created). As the Pirate said - and I agree - it was the best sashimi we've ever had!

On Sunday the Pirate decided to make quesadillas (not usually his forte in the kitchen) and they were tasty; good job, mi amor!

Just so you get a sense of what the weekend was like, here's picture I took while lying on the banco in our outdoor living room; muy tranquilo, no?

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  1. Beautiful pics! I hope your arm heals soon!

  2. Sorry to hear about your shoulder injury; I hope you heal quickly and completely.

    OK, the sushi story sounds delicious - and free, nice! My husband and I LOVE both sushi and sashimi. Beautiful picture...


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