Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My first daybook

I found out about the Simple Woman's Daybook awhile ago on the Priest's Wife's blog, Fear Not Little Flock, and loved the concept. But for some reason I kept putting off joining this linkup. However, I decided that this day would be more satisfying if I took time for reflection, so here you are:

Outside my window...I am looking at our blue concrete wall and the neighbor's bamboo peeking over it.

I am thinking...about how tender and generous God is to us.

I am thankful...for having a breeze every day. The area we live in is known for its regular breeze, which comes from the ocean a mile away. It makes summer in the Mexican desert pleasant!

In the kitchen...I am planning to heat up some tamale casserole for dinner; it was excellent the first time around, and am expecting it to be so again.

I am wearing...a blue t-shirt and tan capris.

I am creating...a modesty top (crocheted) to wear over camisoles.

I am going...to go shopping tomorrow for odds and ends - canning jars, cotton tank tops, elastic to re-do a skirt. I'm not sure if I'll find any of these things in the small shops in our small town, but I'm hoping!

I am wondering...what my "real" voice might be for my blog - where is my blog taking me? What is its purpose?

I am reading...The Fathers Know Best, by Jimmy Aiken. This is a very handy short version of some of the key writings of the early church fathers, in order by topic.

I am hoping...to be able to finish my crocheting project soon without my sore arm getting worse.

I am looking forward to...the next time our priest can come by and give me a cooking lesson!

I am learning...not to push back when my husband's opinions and mine differ - it only took 45 years, and the secret to this transformation is a relationship with Mother Mary (relatively new for me, since we only entered the Catholic Church in 2010).

Around the house...I am enjoying the tidiness and cleanliness - the after-effects of it being house cleaning day!

I am pondering...how to use my blog to bless and encourage, rather than simply recording interesting bits of my life.

A favorite quote for today...from St. Gregory the Great, "Who am I — what kind of watchman am I? I do not stand on the pinnacle of achievement, I languish rather in the depths of my weakness. And yet the creator and redeemer of mankind can give me, unworthy though I be, the grace to see life whole and power to speak effectively of it."

One of my favorite things...is seeing my plants flourishing.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
> making mole enchiladas on Wednesday
> going to confession and adoration on Thursday
> serving at the small chapel in the ranching community that our parish supports

A peek into my day...

This is a local herd of horses that occasionally comes by our house. The photo shows our new fence, which we just had to put in because the dogs pushed over the old (only 3 years!) one.

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