Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pirate Post - the OJ trial (not what you expect)

I've been operating at about 25% of normal due to a rotator cuff injury that leaves me with only one usable arm. My wonderful husband the Pirate has been taking on most of my regular tasks in addition to the things he normally takes responsibility for. Meanwhile he continues to write reflections on the various ways that God breaks through in our lives, and today I've got one that illustrates what a treasure I've got for a husband.


There were four oranges left and I asked her “Would you like some orange juice?” “Well, yes I guess so” she said, unexcited, unmotivated and apparently not very thirsty. This made it hard because YES, I wanted some OJ in no uncertain terms, but there was only enough for one glassful.

“That’s OK”, I thought, “I’ll have something else” trying to be loving and giving, but I REALLY wanted that sweet, delightful glass of fresh squeezed juice. I made it, added ice, set it on the table and said “Your juice is here.” Then I ate a fully endowed weekend breakfast while staring at her glass, sitting 12 inches away.

But it was a gift given. I couldn’t just grab it and knock it down in two big gulps. Not just a little sip, either. That would be betrayal. So, I left it there – a sweet little gift, not a double-cross. I finished and when she got up and left the table I was tempted to ask “You going to finish this juice?”, but I didn’ stayed where she had left it.

Half an hour later I found the glass on the counter, drained except for a fraction at the bottom. Just a swallow, not enough to really satisfy or make any difference. But as I drank it I knew that THIS was a gift to ME. Maybe from the wife of my youth who strives to please me. Maybe from the Almighty, who knows how to multiply fishes and loaves. Maybe He knows that a little bit, combined with His blessings goes a lot farther than our own fresh squeezed sacrifices.

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  1. What a beautiful & giving post!

    Prayers for the healing of your shoulder...


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