Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5 Favorites - From where I'm sitting

I'm joining up with Grace (standing in for Hallie) and the gang for Five Favorites. These are my favorite things that I can see from where I'm sitting right now.

[1] Always first in my heart, my husband the Pirate.

[2] This lovely cross made of beautiful rocks. It was given to me by a dear friend for my birthday a number of years ago. She has always lived on the opposite end of the country from me, so I haven't seen her for several years. This cross reminds me to pray for her.

[3] The flower pot that I keep my cooking utensils and the mug I put the spoon or spatula in that I'm currently using (you know, the one covered in sauce!). This lovely type of pottery (called talavera) is sold in Mexico everywhere there are tourists. I love how colorful it is. (NOTE: I cheated on this one - I had to stand up to actually see this).

[4] The book holder I use for my cookbooks to follow a recipe while I'm cooking without spilling food all over the book. Sorry it's out of focus but I'm too lazy to get up and take another picture.

[5] This is a twofer. First, my favorite drink: red wine cooler using a medium-good wine (zin, syrah, petit syrah) and cranberry juice. It's really refreshing and the juice has the added benefit of keeping me from getting sloshed every night! Next to the wine, a great book I found at the only bookstore in town: A Full Life in a Small Place, by Janice Emily Bowers. It's essays about her garden of vegetables, flowers, and fruit trees in the desert of New Mexico (much like the desert down here).

Bendiciones a todos ustedes! (Blessings to all of you!)

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  1. Dear Anna,

    A correction: Janice Emily Bowers (and her garden) lived in Tucson, Arizona, not in New Mexico.

    Que Dios te bendiga,

    Jeff Howell
    Tucson, Arizona


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