Saturday, May 4, 2013

Feliz cumpleaños!

Once upon a time, on May 5th, a baby boy was born to Anna & the Pirate. On the baby boy's first birthday, a baby girl was born to another set of parents who lived about 600 miles away.

Although both children grew up in close communities, initially their circumstances were very different: as a child he lived in a forest, and she in a suburban area close to a large city. However, they both went to Christian schools and when it was time to pick a college, they each picked the same one - a small Christian college in a lovely small city. However, although the college was small, their paths didn't cross because he chose to go on the semester abroad program that was offered, as well as attending another college for a year which was on the other coast of the country.

By the time he finally returned to the original college, he had learned how to play lacrosse and decided to start a women's lacrosse team with himself as coach (clever lad, that one!). She, being from a family which enjoys sports, decided to join the lacrosse team and the rest, as they say, is history.

They got engaged on the weekend of her college graduation, and were married within a year (he had graduated the year before). They stayed in the area where the college was located, renting at first and then buying a house in time to welcome their first child. They sold that home and moved to another one where they had two more children.

She was an excellent artist and every place that they lived (4 in all) she made into a welcoming and charming home. If Pinterest had existed at the time, the photos of the murals that she did in her children's rooms surely would have been on a lot of people's boards!

When they were first married she taught at a Christian elementary school, and later cut back on her hours to teach only art classes. She had a flair for motivating and encouraging children to be creative, and her own children produced some truly amazing works of art under her guidance.

In addition to her artistic skills her life is a testament to a quiet spirit. She is a shining example of calm in all circumstances (whether she feels calm or not, she offers calmness to those around her). She has made their home a haven of quiet in a sea of activity. She is truly a treasure and I am so blessed to have her as a daughter-in-law. Happy birthday, Rhonda!

Oh, and happy birthday to you too, Josh! You chose well, my son.

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