Wednesday, May 1, 2013

{p,h,f,r} vol. 5

It's Thursday, and time to link up with Leila and family for
round button chicken

This is our granddaughter Jordan with some pillows she made for a daybed on the patio outside our guestroom. She's an excellent seamstress at age 16. Both the maker and the pillows are pretty!

{happy} AND {funny}

When our "city" family visited recently, our son took his two younger kids to the beach to play. Plenty of "happy" here! And since I figure that you probably don't really need to see yet another picture of our goofy dogs, this will have to serve for FUNNY as well.


Our closest grandkids live 1200 miles from us. Our other grandkids (and our home base in the US) are 1800 miles away. We're still trying to figure out how to be a part of their lives when we are so far away. This blog is one of several ways we're trying to fill the gap of not being a regular part of their lives.


  1. So nice to find your blog from the Like Mother, Like Daughter link up! You must live in a very beautiful spot, and I'm sure your family is glad to keep up with you here. Oh, and can your granddaughter make me some pillows, because those are just wonderful!

    1. I passed your comment along to her and she was delighted! Our family does love to visit, but it's not cheap for 5 or 6 people to either fly or drive down, so they haven't come down as much as they (or we) would like.

  2. What great photos! Good for you to blog for your far-away loved ones. Thanks for joining!

    1. Leila - Thanks for giving me the inspiration to use a blog to create a way for us to keep more in touch with the daily activities of our lives.

  3. We are far away from family too. So hard. We miss grandparents and cousins something fierce. Skype is really helpful, and long phone conversations.

    Unrelated: we will be moving back to the L.A. Area in June. And someday I'm going to load my family in the car and head south to visit you! :)

  4. Micaela - I would LOVE that! We're all set up for a family your size to visit us, since both our sons' families are the same size. Isn't some of your family in SoCal?


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