Thursday, May 16, 2013

7 Quick Takes - Looking for Answers

I rarely get around to doing SQT, but there are a few questions bobbing around in my head that I'm hoping someone will have the kindness to answer.

[1] How do you have a conversation with a fellow blogger except through commenting on her blog? Do you just boldly ask for people's email addresses? I absolutely refuse to get sucked into Facebook or Twitter, so those aren't options for me.

[2] Speaking of Facebook, is anyone actually using Google+ which looks to me like it's trying to shove itself into Facebook's territory? If so, how do you use it? Since we presumably all use blog readers like Bloglovin' or something similar, and those who want to know what all their best friends are eating/thinking/doing right this minute are using Facebook, is Google+ extraneous, or do I need to step into it?

[3] Speaking of Google+, it appears that the Friend Connect widget that everyone used to use (where it shows photos of each person who's following your blog) has gone the way of the dinosaurs and apps that are more than a year old, and nobody's using it anymore, is that right? I guess if I want to know who is following me (if anyone) I have to hope that they connect on the Google+ button.

[4] For or those of us who are congenitally allergic to TMI so won't be promoting our blogs on Facebook anytime soon, does anyone have words of wisdom about how to actually develop "bloggy" friendships? Colleen Martin, if you're reading this, I'd sure appreciate a comment since I know you don't do Facebook and you DO have off-blog (but still virtual) relationships with other bloggers.

[5] Okay, I'm sure everybody is tired of my yammering about tech issues - now for something completely different:

This is a photo showing you the raw, unadulterated, natural condition of the "dirt" we have around here. It looks like it's composed of lots of little pebbles which are held together by something which acts like cement. Without water its natural state is so hard you can't dig a hole in it - you have to use a spike (and some strong manly muscles!). But if water is poured on it it turns to just kind of melts into its component pebbles. I'm amazed that anything grows in it at all, but as you can see there are lots of native plants all around that are doing just that. The details of God's work are truly marvelous!

[6] While we're on the subject of God's marvels, how about these beans!

While our granddaughter was here she planted them and exactly 60 days later we were overwhelmed with the harvest! We just gave a bunch away and the Pirate is making Dilly Beans with some and I've been using beans in our dinners, but there are still too many. AND too much kale, and NOW all the crookneck squash is coming in. We seriously need to work on doing a better job of succession planting but the Pirate thinks it's too silly to plant ONE bean plant every week, or TWO kales, etc.

[7] Which brings us to the weather. Apparently y'all are now having the kind of weather you'd expect to have in May. However, down here in Mexico it's STILL cool - yesterday we almost got a fire going in the fireplace. We're having serious fog every morning - the kind where you can't see across the road - and you have to wear long-sleeve shirts or even sweaters for a good part of the day. I live in the tropics, folks! This is WEIRD weather!

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