Saturday, May 11, 2013

For my daughters (in law)

How blessed I was to have obtained not one, but two daughters in the same year;
To become part of a family that contained other females;
To be brought face-to-face with my own inadequacies;
To be given opportunities to learn how to be a better woman

Teaching by example, they have demonstrated
Grace, in serving others rather than being focussed on their own desires
Patience, in their responses to demanding and whiny children (and the strange behavior of husbands)
Warmth, in reaching out to other family members when we are prickly or remote
Open-heartedness, in sharing their vulnerabilities and seeking prayer or counsel
Dedication, in their devotion to making a home for their family
Encouragement, in providing opportunities for their children to learn to be confident and virtuous

What more could a mother (in law) ask for? Truly God gives exceedingly abundantly more that we could ask or think. Happy Mother's Day!

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