Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beatitude Attitudes, vol. 5 - the food edition!

Yay! It's Beatitudes Tuesday! You all, doing this HEART exercise is just what Doctor God ordered! I hope you'll include this exercise with all the physical exercising that many of you are committed to. Jog on over to Pitter Patter Diaries to join us on Tuesdays.

[1] Blessed am I that we live 2 blocks from a cafe that serves made-from-scratch french fries. SO much hassle to make at home, and SUCH a treat to order for lunch!

[2] Blessed am I that my husband makes such tasty beef jerky. He's famous in these parts for his jerky, which he sells at an upscale food store. He just created a new recipe that is sweet and spicy...mmMM!

[3] Blessed am I that we live in a town where mangos are everywhere, so of course mangos are free for the picking much of the year.

[4] Blessed am I to live in a country where we don't have endless choices of ingredients for meals, but what we do have is simple to put together and nutritious (and tastes great, too!)

[5] Blessed am I to have home-grown vegetables (courtesy of my husband) and fruit (my department) to eat.

[6] Blessed am I that our town has an ice cream store where the ice cream and ices are hand-made with local ingredients. My two current favorite flavors are corn (it's amazingly sweet) and rosemary with lime (the most refreshing combination of flavors you can imagine). Other great flavors: guava, mango, banana, and many more. You can get any flavor in scoops or as paletas (ice cream bars).

[7] Blessed am I to live in a place where bread is not a part of most meals. I have a gluten sensitivity and happily I'm not continually tempted because the flour that is used most here is masa (a type of flour made from corn, but not cornmeal). Masa is what corn tortillas are made of, but because they know I can't eat wheat, I've had friends make me very tasty cakes from masa, as well as cornbread (more elegant than American cornbread made of cornmeal) and many other yummy foods. Who needs bread? Not me!

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