Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Beatitude Attitudes, vol. 3

I'm linking up again to the Pitter Patter Diaries and Rakhi's wonderful Beatitude Attitudes (happening every Tuesday folks! C'mon and join us!)

[1] Blessed am I to have such gracious friends who are unfailingly patient with me as I stumble along in their language (spanish). They never turn away when they see me coming; they invite me into their conversations; they respond as though I make perfect sense when I speak.

[2] Blessed am I to live in a country where cooking is not a competitive sport. We have far fewer varieties of ingredients for dishes, but what we do have can be combined in so many simple ways to create tasty, easy and healthy meals.

[3] Blessed am I to have fresh vegetables from our garden to draw forth creativity in cooking (let's see, how can I use all those chard stalks in a different dish than the one I made yesterday?)

[4] Blessed am I whenever we talk to our family on the phone. We are not a family that calls each other a lot, but when I pick up the phone and hear my son (either one) or one of my lovely nueras (daughters-in-law) or, more rarely, a grandchild, it's a special treat!

[5] Blessed am I in having a quiet environment. We don't have many neighbors and maybe 5 cars pass our house each day. We can hear the sheep and the cows that live near us, but they're far enough away and few enough that it's a treat to hear them. Other than that, I am surrounded by blessed quiet - perfect for a "desert mother", which is what I am turning into!

[6] Blessed am I that my husband is the ultimate handyman. From changing lightbulbs to building cabinets to assembling wood stoves to troubleshooting email - he does it all!

[7] Blessed am I that God drew me into a profession that offers help and encouragement to people who are confused or uncertain, and that the skills I learned there are useful even though I am retired from that profession.

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