Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Five Favorites - held in my heart

We went to the nearest city today (it's an hour away) and then went to evening mass and the Pirate's worship team practice, so I didn't have time to write anything earlier. However, I got inspired as I looked through my photos and want to share some of my most deeply held favorites with you.

[1] These guys. The males in my family - one husband, two sons, one grandson. There's definitely a family resemblance, don't you think? Thanks, Jordan, for the great collage!

[2] These angels. They stand on either side of the tabernacle behind the altar at our church. That's how I want to be before Jesus - barefoot and kneeling! Well, actually prostrate, but just being able to look at these kneeling angels stirs up a sense of awe in me.

[3] This man. I chose this image of him because he looks so very ordinary. I know he thought of himself as pretty ordinary, but consider how many millions of people he continues to influence to seek a deep and true devotion to Christ. I am one of those - I was set on the path to Christianity by reading The Great Divorce which my ignorant and unconverted heart knew described Truth. Thank you, C.S. Lewis!

[4] This window. This is behind the altar of our church, so it's the main thing we see. Our church is Nuestra Senora del Pilar - Our Lady of the Pillar - and that's her in the niche of the window. Soon after I entered the Catholic Church I read that the pillar on which she stands is a reminder of her solid and unshakeable faith. What an encouragement and comfort to have that image and its meaning present before us as we worship God!

[5] This place. This is one of many views from the homestead in the forest where this family started. It's now home to one of our sons, but we have a little cottage there as well, which is our home base when we go to the States. This place has been our anchor and foundation of our lives for 45 years. Those are redwood trees, by the way - our property is located in prime redwood forest.

For more favorites, scoot on over to Moxie Wife, and Dios te bendiga (God bless you)!

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