Thursday, May 9, 2013

{p,h,f,r}, vol. 6

It's Thursday! {pretty}{happy}{funny}{real} time with Leila and her beautiful daughters. How much do I love Like Mother,Like Daughter? LOTS!) Thanks, Leila, for inspiring so many of us in so many ways!


We generally have flowers blooming all year around down here (mostly bougainvilleas and hibiscus), but some of the desert plants have recently bloomed. Here's my favorite - an aloe. Most aloes in the States seem to have red flowers, so this one surprised me the first time it bloomed. I love that warm yellow with a hint of orange.


The Pirate did some clever work on the lower shelves of the bookcase he made so I can use them for yarn and fabric. This is what I see every morning when I wake up - all of them sources of deep satisfaction. My home altar, my books on prayer and Church teachings, my yarn, my fabric; what more could a person want? I know, more yarn!


This is a metal gate that is used to lock up the entrance to a local cafe when it's closed. I love how they attached halves of coke cans to it and put plants in each one. Creative, pretty, and it cost nothing!


I've been working on knitting a shrug since last November. This is the sum total of what I've accomplished so far: 1 front piece measuring 8" by 16" and the other front piece which is smaller because I haven't finished it yet. This is probably the longest I've taken to knit anything, and it's the simplest pattern you could possible work with (3 rectangles!). The problem is, I decided to use multiple yarns AND not follow a specific stitch pattern (I wanted it to look really nubbly). This doesn't increase the difficulty, but it does slow the entire process down because I can never simply knit a row - I always have to be looking at what I'm doing to decide on the fly whether to make the next stitch a knit or a purl. AGGHHH! So of course I've found any number of excuses to put this project aside and work on other things (right now I'm sewing a bag for clothespins). But I've decided I must get this completed in the next couple of weeks because I can't stand to see it silently accusing me every time I sit down. Besides, it's finally getting warm enough to wear a shrug over a cami.

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